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We will operate the most efficient glulam wood processing unit in the country, with productivity levels way in excess of our peer group. Our unit will help move towards a net-zero future.


At Glued Wood Factory, our vision is to be a driving force in the glued wood industry's evolution, making our factory a symbol of innovation and progress. We aspire to be the preferred partner for customers seeking exceptional glued wood solutions worldwide.

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About Us

During 2024 we will build a state of the art, highly automated glued wood factory in Kohtla-Järve, in the east of Estonia, with production starting in 2025.

The development will create c. 70 new, high skilled, high value jobs on an industrial park just outside of town. Our production unit will use the latest available technology to manufacture products aimed at the construction, furniture and high end packaging sectors, where use of high quality, sustainable and strong product is highly valued and growing.

Across the world Construction is moving away from concrete and to new innovations using glued, laminated wood (Glulam). New techniques and brave architecture see record breaking building products on all continents. Planning consent has just been awarded to the “C6” a 183-metre-tall skyscraper in Perth Australia as an example of what is now possible.

Our goals are not so lofty – but we still aim high….. in the EU legislation has been passed that will increase radically the use of timber in construction as a major step towards the blocs carbon goals and our factory will be well positioned to take advantage of this.

Raw material from certified sustainable sources will ship by a combination of road and sea from Northern Finland and Sweden to our local port of Sillämae. Highly automated production lines, lean business principles and a skilled and motivated workforce will cut, join, and press the timber into boards and posts according to our customers’ exact needs.




Customer centric

What sets us apart

We are committed to a zero-emission future, ensuring minimal waste
and maximum quality.

Our cutting-edge use of modern technology will produce awe-inspiring products.

We will aim to forge personal connections with our customers, making us more than just a factory.

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Factory process - where precision meets innovation

We will be emphasizing automation for quality control, inspecting timber at every forthcoming step. Our logistics will employ self-driving forklifts for enhanced efficiency and product protection. Using Slow Grown Nordic Pine will ensure durable products, promising decades of satisfaction for our future valued customers.


Our production process, tailored specifically for the wood industry, is on the cusp of revolutionizing the way we operate. At the heart of this transformation is our unwavering commitment to incorporate a high degree of automation. Using a wood scanner driven by the latest AI technology will ensure uncompromising quality in our products.

Quality Control

At the heart of our production ethos lies a steadfast commitment to quality. Recognizing the importance of delivering impeccable products to our customers, we will institute a comprehensive quality control (QC) regimen that scrutinizes every facet of our production process.


Moving forward, we will spearhead groundbreaking advancements in glued wood manufacturing. We are developing a collaboration with Taltech Hub for R&D, product development, material science and automation. We are developing a collaboration with Taltech Hub for R&D, product development, material science and automation.


Our products are meticulously manufactured with an emphasis on enduring quality. Each piece is produced with the intention of lasting through the ages, providing users with consistent performance and unmatched satisfaction for decades.


At Glued Wood Factory, we're driven by a simple but powerful goal: to empower our local community. Through education, training, and collaboration, we're nurturing a brighter future together.

IVIA Partnership

Partnership with IVIA: We proudly collaborate with IVIA, whose help in making local connections has been invaluable. We are 100% committed to real, impactful projects that benefit our community and the economy, and see this as entirely symbiotic – after all we all live in one place.

Green Initiatives: Our Commitment to Sustainable Operations

• Raw materials from certified sustainable sources in neighbouring countries
• As much as possible, shipping in bulk by sea to reduce road miles.
• Production unit is designed with a photovoltaic roof to contribute to our overall electricity consumption
• Heating from a waste biomass boiler will further improve our energy efficiency
• All remaining waste product converted to pellets for sale as fuel
• Exploring alternative packaging solutions to limit consumption of single use plastics.

Other partners

We're dedicated to empowering our local workforce, fostering growth, and creating exceptional opportunities for the skilled talents of Ida-Virumaa, thus contributing positively to our community and regional economy.To build a diverse, highly skilled workforce we will partner with kood/Jõhvi for tech specialists, TalTech local hub for materials and automation scientists and Eesti Töötukassa to help with up-skilling / re-skilling classical engineers.

At Glued Wood Factory, we believe in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts to drive innovation and sustainability in the glued wood industry.

Community Initiatives

Internships Our internship programs and collaborations with educational institutions like TalTech Ida-Virumaa Branch are designed to empower young talent and keep skilled individuals rooted in their home region.

Community Initiatives

Local Support We are committed to actively engaging with and supporting our local community through various initiatives, fostering growth, and providing opportunities for the skilled workforce of Ida-Virumaa.

Community Initiatives

Partnerships Through partnerships with organizations like IVIA, we aim to create meaningful connections and contribute positively to the regional economy, showcasing our dedication to responsible business.

Investing in a Sustainable Future Together

At Glued Wood Factory, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products, shaping our approach to every aspect of our business. We invite you to reach out and be a part of our journey toward a greener, more sustainable future. Whether you're an investor seeking opportunities, a supplier interested in partnering, or someone passionate about woodworking and innovation, we're eager to connect. Let's work together to create a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

For investment opportunities andrew@gluedwood.com


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